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    This is my final post. Goodbye, I love you all so much.

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  2. I will be making two more posts, and then that’s it.

    I changed my mind about a few little things I wanted to do. So this post will be explaining what I changed my mind on, then what the very last post will be.

    I deleted all of the photo posts, except for a few(mostly photos of myself, or gag pictures, like the Coke and Pepsi can banging). I left all my asks up and plenty of text posts. Deleted out a lot of the requests I’ve received over time too, but didn’t go through that super thoroughly, so.

    Now, what I’m going to do in the last post.

    I’ll provide links to all my different tumblrs, possibly some other links to sites I’m on and whatnot. It’ll be the very last post on this tumblr.

    Then I’m going to change the password to something ridiculous and log off here for good.

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  3. generic-furry-blog said: Bye then. Good luck with life you know. Not really good at farewells, but this technically wont be the last we speak. So its been a great time following this blog and good luck. *hugs*

    Of course not!

    You can always talk to me on Skype! (:

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  4. Anonymous said: Before you go, why not change the password to some random numbers and letters, so you can't get in, and we have a beautiful archive of nice furry porn? It's sad to see you go, but you're doing what must be done. You be good now, we all love you. <3

    Well, too late for that. I went through and basically deleted all of the picture posts I made just now, so.. >_>;

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  5. bloodfox742 said: Can I get your personal tumblr so I can follow it?

    Sure can!


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  6. soundburst-fuck said: Goodbye *hugs* one last one for the road. Have a good life.

    -Hugs tight.-

    Thank you, Soundburst! You too, dear.

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  7. im-feeling-dandy said: oh wait, i meant to say its not letting me see your main page


    Well it works fine for me?

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  8. It’s time, sugarbears. I’ll be leaving in just a few minutes — I know I said nine sharp, but I wanna leave a few minutes for you guys to see this.

    I appreciate every single follow, ask, like, and reblog I’ve had from anyone. I really do. My deletion of this blog has nothing to do with you guys — I love you all very much! It just no longer fits in to my life.

    You’re all special, beautiful people. <3

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  9. im-feeling-dandy said: its not letting me follow your main page


    That’s weird.

    It shows up for me when I look at it from this blog?

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  10. gayyiffygoodness said: Noooo please don't leave us D:

    I’m sorry, dear. I must!

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